Just like you need to get a home inspected for structural issues before you go about and place an offer, it is always a great idea to have it inspected for different pests. While pests like mice, rats, and other insects can be nuisances and pose health risks, there are other pests that can be particularly harmful for the structural well being of your investment. Professional exterminators, The Exterminators, as well as many realtors recommend such a thing.

Nuisance pests like flies, spiders, and rodents are constantly attempting to generate your house their residence. They’re always seeking sources of foods, safety and places to nest

Certain parts of the city of Toronto have serious termite problems.

Aside from termites, which are most active in the spring and summer months there are other pests that you should know if you will be dealing with in your new house. A small infestation can be a nuisance, but such infestations can grow to become serious problems.

There isn’t a bad time of the year to do a pest control inspection. Every season has its own pests and dangers.

Spring – Early Summer
This is the tie of year when crawling insects begin to make their way into homes. These insects can be termites or different types of ants like carpenter ants. To prevent any problems, the exterminators will go around your house to find entry points and seal them.


This is the most active season of the year for pests. While most rodents spend most of their time outside, all animals and insects are most active. Wasps make their appearance this time of the year as well. We have heard horror stories of small wasp nests exploding in population in just a couple of months.

Autumn – Winter
The late fall and winter months, depending on temperatures, mice and rats begin their migration indoors. They will enter from any small hole in your wall and try to find shelter, water and food indoors. To prevent rodents from entering your space, it is best to inspect the outside from small entry points.

If and when an issue is spotted it is good to have a licensed exterminator deal with the situation as soon as possible. Small pest problems ca turn into serious infestations really fast.